Music Coach

Why Music “Coach”?

A Coach:

Does not judge you
Treats you as an equal
Keeps your interests at the forefront of lessons
Engages you in conversation and listens intently
Teaches you to believe in yourself

A Coach Helps You:

By asking questions, so you can discover the answers for yourself
Manage your time
Explore your passions and ambitions
See your goals clearly
Achieve your goals
Strive to be the best you can be

Teacher is a Dirty Word

“Teacher” is a Dirty Word

Admit it!  You cringe a little inside too when you hear the word “teacher.”  And it is not because we think teachers are bad.  In fact, who has not had some amazing teachers that have changed their lives?  Yet, despite this fact, there seems to be a stigma attached to the word “teacher” that just will not wash off.  

When I say “teacher,” do you not think of things like standardized tests, boring classroom lectures, memorizing mountains of facts, and one size fits all instruction?  

For me at least, when I hear the word “teacher,” I do not think of someone dedicated to helping me discover my unique goals and interests, and who pushes me to live up to my potential.  This is because I have had many teachers in my lifetime, but only a handful have truly helped me to do these things.  

I make my living teaching, and I believe that teachers are absolutely vital to our society.  However, the more I think about the teachers who really made a difference in my life, the more I realize that it was actually their coaching that changed me the most.  The subject matter that I was taught ended up being secondary to the coaching I received.  It is the coaching that gave me the guts to relentlessly pursue my dreams and passions. This is why I call myself a music coach.