Why is Music Important to Learn?

“Citing a litany of benefits such as improved math scores, increased brain activity, better spatial reasoning, etc., is tempting, but does that steer our collective thought away from the true value of music?” ~Master Teacher, Pete Jutras

When a person learns to play a piece of music, are they really going to celebrate their magnificently improved spatial reasoning capabilities?  Probably not.

I wish to illuminate a much simpler perspective - one that I have seen on a daily basis with all of my students, their families, and all other musicians...


makes us happy
makes us feel good
makes us smile

moves us
brings us together
inspires wonder

tells the truth
speaks to our heart
touches our soul

Music connects us with the beautiful and the mysterious.
Music reminds us who we are and what it means to be human.

The true value of music is that it satisfies these most basic human needs

Why Do I Need a Teacher?

“A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a months study of books.” ~Chinese Proverb

 Music mastery is long road.  There are countless obstacles that stand in the way of success.  Many have given up in the face of these obstacles because it is very easy to lose sight of one's goals, to become impatient, or to get discouraged along the way. 

Music is a limitless world.  Even our greatest geniuses can not fully exhaust its’ wealth in their lifetimes.  There are an endless number of pieces to learn, techniques to master, instruments to play, styles to absorb, and music to compose. 

Given enough time and determination, you might reach your musical goals.  However, you will reach them much sooner and with much less difficulty with the help of a knowlegeble guide.  Someone who has walked the path, who knows where the roads lead, and who can point you in the right direction. 

The best part about learning from an expert?  You get to benefit from my struggles. 

You get to learn from my mistakes.  I have made them all so that now you don’t have to.